Mid-scale LNG: Stranded gas to
stranded markets

Natural gas - clean, abundant and efficient: an altogether superior fuel - should be a key component in every energy strategy. Right-sized mid-scale LNG infrastructure, monetising gas from remote reserves or supplying gas to smaller markets below ~ 2 mtpa is Gasfin's mission.

Gasfin is dedicated to the provision of small to mid-scale LNG liquefaction and distribution (bulk shipping, regasification, and containerised transportation). Our guiding premise is that if the LNG infrastructure system is scaled to the right-size for the market then natural gas can be delivered efficiently, safely and economically even to smaller markets.

Our infrastructure can be implemented individually or as part of an integrated mid-scale chain according to customer needs. Our breadth of experience and technology means that we are not wedded to a single approach. We design and implement in-house the most appropriate infrastructure solution for any given scenario.

Our unique profile allows us to design and implement LNG infrastructure services to customers with annual LNG requirements ranging from as little as 10,000 tonnes up to ~ 1.5 million tonnes.

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